Rebecca Cory, MA

I came to the study of whiteness through the learning and research that I had been doing in my women’s studies degree, as well as the workshops I was facilitating through the Equity and Human Rights office. It became more and more obvious to me that while there was lots of analysis about how processes of racialization were shaping non-white people, there was less analysis, and way less general understanding, about the ways in which whiteness was being produced and shaping the lives of white people. Additionally, despite decades of anti-racism work, there is so much left to do to create a world that serves non-white people as well as it does white people, and developing a greater understanding of how whiteness works might help us to make some of the deep changes that will need to happen to make space for other ways of being together.

Rebecca Cory has an MA in from the UVic Faculty of Education.

Sherwin Arnott, MA

I wrote a thesis in the philosophy of science and epistemology at the University of Victoria. Since then I have become much more interested in social justice in general, and in particular, the role of the media in the construction of power in Canada and the United States. I continue to be very much a fan of skepticism, science and critical thinking, but with a particular focus on wide ranging public relations issues like climate change, feminism, and race and racialization.

When I’m not making logos, websites and annual reports, you can find me blogging at You can also find me on Twitter @sherwinarnott.